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From: Eric Surya
Date: Sunday, 03 October, 2010

Ref: 100% Winning Strategy


Dear Friends,

I have to admit...

100% may sounds unrealistic.

But you have not seen how powerful and accurate this strategy that I am releasing here.

My name is Eric and I have been betting on football for more than 15 years and I have compiled hundreds of strategies that I personally used to bet on the football matches.

Some are complicated to apply if you are new to the technical analysis that professional punters used to predict the outcome of the game....

....and some are dead easy to apply.

Some of you may have known me because I have developed several best football betting systems you could ever find in the market today and also runs a successful football tipping service.


I know you have tried many systems out there....

Some are good and some are craps and I will not elaborate more on these.

Let me be honest with you....

To win consistently, you need a good system and a good discipline.

Without these, it will NOT be easy to find a winner every week.

There are many strategies and systems out there that promise you the sky and the moon....

But are you able to successfully used them to your advantage?

Most of the time the answer is NO!


What if you were given a strategy so powerful and accurate....

.....that every time you place your bets following this strategy and you will win?

What if you could win over $5,000 every week?

I guess that will settle all your house bills and car instalment plus a good holiday every month....

Now, I am not trying to play with your mind or seduce your senses....

But let me tell you all that I mentioned above, is within your reach.

What if the very next moment you place your bets, you know you are going to win 100% hands down?

Does that excite you?

I know a lot of struggling bettors will...


  Hi Eric,

I am impressed!

Never believe that there is such a thing as 100% winning but you prove me wrong.

I have not lost a single match using this system.

Well done and thanks for sharing this great info with me.

Jonathan Wills
Manchester, UK

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All you need is one powerful strategy....

.... and you will apply this strategy every time you place your bets and you will win


You have never seen anything as bold as my statement above but this is the truth.

You should consider yourself in luck for having read this letter.

There is nothing as good as this one strategy that I am giving to you.

I don't want you to take my word for it....

I want you to get it and apply it and see for yourself if it is for real.

You can thank me later for this.


Don't just take my words for it.

Listen to what some of my clients have got to say about this system.

  Hi Eric,

You have just added more cash into my account and you have made my confident hit the roof!

I stop using other football system and now just using this simple yet 100% winning strategy to bet.

It is a no brainer and so easy to make money betting on football with your system.

James Chia
Singapore, Singapore
  Hi Eric,

I just made nearly $1,800 yesterday with this system.

Easy winning every single week! You made it looks so easy to beat the bookie and I am glad I get my hands on this system.

I have no doubt about your ability to pick out the winner as you have prove it in your system.

Mark David
California, USA


Lately, there are many new football betting system that are being released in the market....

.....and I am really disappointed with most of these systems.

They provide crappy information to all bettors who purchased and making it look bad on all professional bettors like me.

I have reached to a point that making money betting on football is like a breeze in the park.

Money is not the issue in my life any more.

I make money whenever I want....

All I need to do is just to find the few winners and I am all covered for the next couple of months.

I am giving you this opportunity to be financially free and the ability to make extra money whenever you want.

I wanted to show you that I am the best in this market and the information that I possessed are far more superior than other professionals or whatever they call themselves.

That is why I am willing to give you my best "Never Released Before" strategy for you to use and make your winning in this football market.


This is the craziest ever thing that I have done before - to release my 100% winning strategy to some people that I don't even know.

I am helping a stranger like you to get rich....

....without even knowing if you would even thank me for giving you this opportunity.

So, I am keeping the numbers of lucky people to just 100 and after which, this page will be gone forever.

You will not get this chance anymore!


100 46 23 6 Copies Left

Instant Access After Payment


I am releasing this powerful strategy at a price you could not believe.

It will be a big loss if the next time you come and this page is gone forever.

You will never get it anywhere anymore....

Only 100 Copies Available!

For the price of peanuts, don't take the risk of not being able to get the most powerful and most accurate football betting system the next time you come.


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100 46 23 6 Copies Left

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Success Always,


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